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„IMEL GROUP” d.o.o.
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"IMEL GROUP" is a joint venture company that deals with engineering, consulting, development, design, facility equipping, and trade, both domestically and abroad.

Imel group's work history encompasses planning, organization, management, and fulfillment of projects within its work sector: engineering, implementation of domestic and foreign investment projects, urban and aerial planning, design, studies and research,  business and technological services, analytical fairs and exhibitions, construction, building installations, finishing construction touches, development of construction sites, wholesale, sponsorship, information technology, financial engineering and other professional services.

Due to the integration of research and science, design, construction and work capacity, we are always one step ahead of other companies in adopting modern and up to date programs and construction technologies. 

Predsednik Kompanije
Executive Statement

“IMEL” is established in 1981. since then for 20 successfull years, by integrating sciences, programming-design, manufacture, erection and trade, we always go several feet before other companies in adopting new programs, production tehnologies and construction activities - starting from 1991. “IMEL” was transformed into the “IMEL GROUP Ltd.”, a company with foreign capital. ... more

Slobodan Urošević,
Company President
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